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The power of Habit: Why We What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg- Review

People can change and people are able to succeed by transforming their habits.  Using the book, “The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg who is an award-winning New York business reporter. This book takes its audience to the boundaries of science where they are able to explain why people have habits and how they can change them.  Charles is able to bring a whole new life to understanding human nature and the potential for transforming one’s habits.  His ability to distil a vast amount of information along with his intelligence this book has an engrossing narrative.  This book also displays the power of marketing and how he is able to change companies around with his fascinating knowledge of habits.  The author also goes into details of how you make habits and then explains how to remove the unfavorable ones and keep the good ones.

The power of Habit Why We What We Do in Life and BusinessDuring the course of the book, we learn why people and companies struggle to transform year after year of trying of to remake themselves while other appear to be able to do it overnight.  While visiting laboratories where neuroscientists explore the makeup of the brain and of how habits work and where they work, along with how they exist in our brains.  They were able to discover how the right habits are critical to the accomplishment of many well-known people.  Within the books details, they visit some of the largest hospitals in the nation and show how habits are deciding between life, death, and businesses going under or be a marked as a success story.

A goal of the book is to show how a variety of advertising and marketing techniques are able to create new habits for you, make you want to choose a certain product, or  even unconsciously buying that toothpaste whitens your teeth.  The example is a product that is used more often than any of the other the major consumer products in the US.  This product is used in the bathrooms of many American’s every morning, noon, and night.   Charles Duhigg is about creating habits that have a reward.  When marketing the toothpaste Charles came up with a plan to prompt the audience that there was a film on your teeth if you had not brushed all day.  People could feel the film on their teeth before, but never took notice to it before. By putting up signs that said if you felt this film is was a bad thing.  By using a certain brand of toothpaste the film would be removed. The reward was a beautiful smile, whiter teeth, and no film.  When brushing your teeth this toothpaste gave you a tingling feeling that was caused by the mint oils and people started getting addicted to the feeling.  When the product was marketed people started to crave the feeling that it gave and along with the clean feeling and no film the product was marked a success story.  This was a new habit and a new habit that was a success from the technique that was used to sell it to the consumer.  With the right balance of marketing and dental advice for caring for your teeth this habit and new toothpaste were a product of achievement.  This was of the great success stories from Charles’s book describing how an market executive turned this enterprise into the of the leading companies that had toothpaste as a best seller by creating a marketing technique of a habit of how brushing daily can transform your dental health. (more…)

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Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide: Consumer Edition January – March 2016- Review

Cars have become a 21st-century necessity in many cities around the world.  The convenience of efficiently traveling to and from at a whim is what sustains the automobile industry.

Over the years, many new models and designs have been manufactured with each superseding its prior version.  The advances in technology and manufacturing efficiencies have secured consistent demand and production of these beautiful hunks of metal.

People are willing to pay top dollar to car manufacturers that have proven their particular make and model is worth the investment.  The primary economic balance of supply and demand drives the prices up, or down, for luxury cars to ordinary everyday commuter vehicles.

The supply chain for automobiles, like all supply chains, is the manufacturing and delivery processes from start to finish.  From the raw material suppliers and auto shipping companies to the consumer, like the circle of life – the auto industry supply chain is a pulse that dictates the sales price of a vehicle.  Everyone has to get paid, and each piece of the chain is looking to make a profit.

Even the consumer is seeking to invest money in a car that retains its value.

Consumers want to know:  What is the value of my car?

Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide Consumer Edition January March 2016That is exactly what the well-known industry experts, Kelley Blue Book (KBB), try to address in their January 2016 Consumer Edition on Used Cars.  Like most assets, cars depreciate over time.  Vehicles, in particular, have an exceptionally fast depreciation schedule.  From the moment you drive off the lot, your car is no longer worth its original value.

Several factors cause this rapid decline in car value.  It is the same factors that make the resale value of your vehicle different depending on who you sell it to.  Kelley Blue Book does a great job at explaining the differences and why.  For example, you will get more money if you sell you used car to an individual as opposed to a car dealer as a trade in.

The gap between original list price to resale value ranges from car to car and year to year.  In the well thought out guide, KBB covers all the resources a car owner could need over the span of the last 15 years of various makes and models.

The increased value of cars today is due to the advances in design, technology, emission requirements and safety requirements.  All of these factors are called value added factors, however; over the years, there have been other factors that contribute to increased costs in vehicles that do not add value.

Most of these non-value added costs increase due to the increased manufacturing and shipping costs.

Why are these cost rising?   Well, that is a bit of a loaded question.  KBB addresses this in their write up on car values.  In manufacturing, there is what is called variable costs.  These values fluctuate based on production volume.  Fixed costs are also included in the cost to manufacture cars but are constant.  Together, fixed and variable costs make up the total cost of a product.

When there are increases in fuel costs, the effect is felt throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to delivery to the dealerships.  It is the job of the manufacturer to constantly be looking for ways to reduce costs, which will create a higher profit margin.

As a car owner, reselling your vehicle comes with a lot of questions.  Thankfully KBB addresses many of these issues.  Finding a qualified buyer is challenging, and if you have a unique collectable car, you might need to go beyond your local geographic range.  In that case finding a local car shipping company near you is an option to transport a vehicle to a buyer.  For example, in Dallas, you can only search for auto shipping Dallas and pull up several suitable car shipping company options.  The added cost of shipping your vehicle can either be included in the sales price or paid by the buyer. (more…)

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Cosmos by Carl Sagan

carl saganCarl Sagan is an astronomer and won the Pulitzer Prize and very popular in the science community. He loves to share his thoughts and ideas with others.
His biggest hope is to educate the world and he believed that combining television and books they could become one of the most powerful learning tools. He wanted to share his ideas through books and television series. He thought that this would give anyone who wanted the opportunity to learn to be able to learn.
He shared that he thought that television was one of the greatest learning tools ever invented. Using these tools he wanted the chance to educate the world. He was inspired by the popular TV series, Cosmo, to write a book also named after the series.
The book spent 50 plus weeks on the many best sellers list and is known as one of the best-selling science book of all time. The book was also given the Hugo Award for Best Non-fiction book in 1981.
This book and his ideas sparked his career and even came out with a sequel after the first book was published and became so popular.

cosmos “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan is a book that discusses a wide range of subjects and ideas. During the duration of the 13 chapters that are beautifully exemplified as he covers the TV series that aired on national television. The TV series was also comprised of 13 episodes that correspondences with the 13 chapters of the book. The subjects of the book discuss cosmic elevation, along with science and cultural development over the last 15 billion years. Mr. Sagan looks closely at the knowledge origins and what the future of science will look like for us plus adds information on the scientific method with an influence of science and philosophy. He also discusses science with details on the essential premises with specifics on many of the different noticeable scientist within our historical accountability. He notes each of their contributions to the context of each different subject and displays how each of them played a special rule in the development of what we call science in the modern world.

With the book discussing a variety of subjects and modern views it also sheds light on Mr. Sagans thoughts and ideas on anthropological, cosmological, biological, historical, and astronomical matters from the beginning of time through what we call modern day. Along with his ideas he shares light into in the universe and what life could be out there. Discussing the idea that there is presence of alien life is in the universe, but the understanding that he think that they have visited us on earth.
Sagan uses light and conversational tones to discuss difficult scientific subjects. The book is in terms that makes for the everyday reader able to understand and able to follow the theories and ideas. It is a presentation of some of the most refined ideas that Mr. Sagan has written about in previous publications, but coveys the information in a more thought out and well written for an audience of all walks of life.

A critic once described the book as a religious book that helps describes the universe and science. He uses the book to talk about religion and uses that to help describe difficult and large scientific concepts. This book is just not about space and the mystery of the unknown, but brings in a philosophical influence that no one has brought together before. Bringing together 13 chapters of great information that is wonderful written in a way that everyone can relate was a success all in its own, but to be able to share great concepts and ideas in the way that he achieved was award winning. This was a success all around.


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Harry Potter and the Power of Friendship

Since the release of the first book in the Harry Potter series, The Philosopher’s Stone, J.K. Rowling’s magical world has taken our muggle world by storm. The books’ great popularity were capped with the success of a movie franchise and millions of books sold. There is no denying that it has been one of the most impressive youth book series’ since C.S. Lewis’ penned The Chronicles of Narnia.

So what makes the Harry Potter books so great? In the very first story we learn what the whole series is going to be built on. Besides the wonderful world that is created through places like Hogwarts (Harry’s Wizardry School) or the powerful description of characters like the Dursleys, there is a great theme that connects the magical world into magic we can have in our lives.

Harry builds friendships with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in the first book and those are key to the whole series. All three characters are perfect examples of misfits, similarly to the way we all feel like misfits in our daily lives. Harry is an orphan, Ron is poor and red headed, and Hermione is from a non-magical family. There stories leave each of them feeling like they may not belong at Hogwarts, and that they may never really be good magicians. However, these three twelve year old kids are able to band together and defeat a powerful sorcerer named Voldemort. It is the classic David versus Goliath plotline, but what makes it special is that in the climax of the story all of the characters need each other to survive. Each of them realizes their own skills and what makes each of them great. They are also all willing to sacrifice for each other to make sure that their friends survive. (more…)

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Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by its Most Brilliant Teacher by Richard P. Feynman- Review

For the general public, the topic of physics usually sends people running in the other direction.  Physics is typically not considered easy reading.  Scholars from all throughout history have spent countless hours studying and grasping the concept of physics and how it applies to our lives.  Scientists, for the most part, have the ability to take their intellectual stance and make things sound unnecessarily complicated.  Take for example your high school physics or biology books; there was a reason people fall asleep in those classes.  It isn’t that the topic is not interesting; I mean what is more exciting than learning about dissecting a fetal pig?  The monotony comes in the way the information is presented in the text and through the lectures.

Enter stage right, Richard P. Feynman.  Richard has done what no one in the history of science has even thought to do or take the time to do. He has created a collaboration of lectures into easy reading pieces on the ever dreaded subject of physics.  Yes, I did just combine the phrase “easy reading” with the word physics.  Mr. Feynman as cracked the code and made the complex ideas of physics into a simple concept that can by intellectually digested by the normal IQ.

Feynman was a celebrated professor at the California Institute of Technology and was a Nobel prize-winner for developing the quantum field theory1.  His work on physics gave him multiple opportunities for lectures and public speaking on the complex subject of physics.  During his time on this earth, he took every opportunity to do just that and is why he is known today as one of the most respected physicist minds. (more…)

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10 Easy to Read Books

Our life is a learning process from the start to the end. We learn how to sit, how to walk, how to eat, how to talk, how to read…. When we stop learning, we will start dying.

It’s important to have a degree, a diploma, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to accomplish that, you just need to be curious about life and willing to learn continuously new things. You can chose how you want to learn. You want to be told what to learn and how to learn, or you want to do it in your own way? The end of the road is probably the same. The difference is the way you are doing it. One of them could be boring for you and the other on may be fun. I always chose the fun part. I have read on my own a lot, learning on my own seemed to be easier than listening hours and hours other people.

I won’t tell you that I’m the person who will not buy an audiobook or an e-book and read only books because I do. The truth is that I love listening the audiobooks when I’m driving. The information I get from books is way more interesting than what I would get listening to the radio.

Anyways these are ten books that are easy to read:


1.Cosmos by Carl Sagan

2.Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

3.A short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

4.The Moral Animal: Why We Are, the Way We Are by Robert Wright

5.Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

6.Freakononics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt & Steven J. Dubner

7.The power of Habit: Why We What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

8.Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates Of Human Societies by Jared Diamond

9.Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by its Most Brilliant Teacher by Richard P. Feynman

10.This will make you Smarter: New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking by John Brockman

source: http://whytoread.com

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Best Selling Books in History

Books are playing a central role in the human history. Some books are more popular than others and more widely read.

The Guinness World Record Book lists the Bible as the best selling book of all times with a number of 5 billion copies sold..

So let’s curl up with a hot chocolate or a tea and let’s pick on book from the next 25 Best selling Books in History.

1.A Tale of Two Cities

2.The Lord of the Rings

3.The Little Prince

4.Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

5.And Then There Were None

6.She: A History of Adventure

7.Dream of the Red Chamber

8.The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

9.The Da Vinci Code

10.Think and Grow Rich (more…)

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Why should you read?

Books are a very important thing in our life. We begin our journey through life as kids looking at the pictures in books. Then later on through kindergarten and elementary we discover the story behind the pictures and our imagination takes off. Sadly by the time we are adults we stop dreaming and reading.

Did you know that last year in US nearly a quarter of the adult population did not read one single book?

The number of non-book readers has tripled in the last 40 years. We are so distracted with, tv, radio and other new gadgets that we forget how happy we were when we were reading a new princess or pirate story when we were kids.

We all know that the level of education people have its closely related with the number of books that they read. Even those with a little college read more than the people who barely finished their high school. Children who grow up reading,  and supported by their parents in this journey are more likely to enroll in higher education.

Today’s technology makes it possible to read even if you are driving or doing other things. You can listen to a book through audio books anytime.

Reading has a lot of benefits and not just for those in school. The mental stimulation that comes from reading can potentially slow down the Alzheimer’s diseases and can enhance your memory. It helps people expand their vocabulary, helps empathize with other cultures, other people.

Most kids that can’t read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare when they finished school, or they will drop out of school before finishing it. Over 40% of the prisoners in the US jails read at the 4th-grade level.

Worse is that one out of four children in the US grows up without learning to read. Those who end up in schools but they are not helped to read proficiently by the 3rd grade have a great chance to drop out of school.

Reading is associated with the crime level. 60% of people in jail are illiterate. (more…)

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Welcome to my page. Please check back soon as I’m still working to make this page amazing.

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