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The power of Habit: Why We What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg- Review

People can change and people are able to succeed by transforming their habits.  Using the book, “The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg who is an award-winning New York business reporter. This book takes its audience to the boundaries of science where they are able to explain why people have habits and how they can change them.  Charles is able to bring a whole new life to understanding human nature and the potential for transforming one’s habits.  His ability to distil a vast amount of information along with his intelligence this book has an engrossing narrative.  This book also displays the power of marketing and how he is able to change companies around with his fascinating knowledge of habits.  The author also goes into details of how you make habits and then explains how to remove the unfavorable ones and keep the good ones.

The power of Habit Why We What We Do in Life and BusinessDuring the course of the book, we learn why people and companies struggle to transform year after year of trying of to remake themselves while other appear to be able to do it overnight.  While visiting laboratories where neuroscientists explore the makeup of the brain and of how habits work and where they work, along with how they exist in our brains.  They were able to discover how the right habits are critical to the accomplishment of many well-known people.  Within the books details, they visit some of the largest hospitals in the nation and show how habits are deciding between life, death, and businesses going under or be a marked as a success story.

A goal of the book is to show how a variety of advertising and marketing techniques are able to create new habits for you, make you want to choose a certain product, or  even unconsciously buying that toothpaste whitens your teeth.  The example is a product that is used more often than any of the other the major consumer products in the US.  This product is used in the bathrooms of many American’s every morning, noon, and night.   Charles Duhigg is about creating habits that have a reward.  When marketing the toothpaste Charles came up with a plan to prompt the audience that there was a film on your teeth if you had not brushed all day.  People could feel the film on their teeth before, but never took notice to it before. By putting up signs that said if you felt this film is was a bad thing.  By using a certain brand of toothpaste the film would be removed. The reward was a beautiful smile, whiter teeth, and no film.  When brushing your teeth this toothpaste gave you a tingling feeling that was caused by the mint oils and people started getting addicted to the feeling.  When the product was marketed people started to crave the feeling that it gave and along with the clean feeling and no film the product was marked a success story.  This was a new habit and a new habit that was a success from the technique that was used to sell it to the consumer.  With the right balance of marketing and dental advice for caring for your teeth this habit and new toothpaste were a product of achievement.  This was of the great success stories from Charles’s book describing how an market executive turned this enterprise into the of the leading companies that had toothpaste as a best seller by creating a marketing technique of a habit of how brushing daily can transform your dental health. (more…)

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