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Books are a very important thing in our life. We begin our journey through life as kids looking at the pictures in books. Then later on through kindergarten and elementary we discover the story behind the pictures and our imagination takes off. Sadly by the time we are adults we stop dreaming and reading.

Did you know that last year in US nearly a quarter of the adult population did not read one single book?

The number of non-book readers has tripled in the last 40 years. We are so distracted with, tv, radio and other new gadgets that we forget how happy we were when we were reading a new princess or pirate story when we were kids.

We all know that the level of education people have its closely related with the number of books that they read. Even those with a little college read more than the people who barely finished their high school. Children who grow up reading,  and supported by their parents in this journey are more likely to enroll in higher education.

Today’s technology makes it possible to read even if you are driving or doing other things. You can listen to a book through audio books anytime.

Reading has a lot of benefits and not just for those in school. The mental stimulation that comes from reading can potentially slow down the Alzheimer’s diseases and can enhance your memory. It helps people expand their vocabulary, helps empathize with other cultures, other people.

Most kids that can’t read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare when they finished school, or they will drop out of school before finishing it. Over 40% of the prisoners in the US jails read at the 4th-grade level.

Worse is that one out of four children in the US grows up without learning to read. Those who end up in schools but they are not helped to read proficiently by the 3rd grade have a great chance to drop out of school.

Reading is associated with the crime level. 60% of people in jail are illiterate.

Girls between the age of 16-19 who are leaving bellow the poverty level and have low literacy levels are more likely to have children without a stable relationship than girls of the same age who can read proficiently.

It’s clear that with a lower level of reading and writing, people do less better in the job market and in life. Poor reading equivale with poor wage, lack of employment and lower opportunities to advance.

We have to teach our kids the habit of daily reading, Daily reading correlates with a higher level of reading skills and higher academic achievement. Even as adult reading should be an important part of our life’s. It keeps us informed with what’s happening around us, with the technology, influences our social and personal behavior.

We don’t read for pleasure anymore. We try to keep up with our demanding life, but some of us, less than 30% of the total US population, still find a small amount of time to read about things that interest us.

Why should you read? There are endless stories that can help you understand the world we are living in, or help you get through a hard point of your life. People who read more tend to improve their verbal abilities. Reading more you will gain a higher level of vocabulary that you can use for everyday life.

Reading a book takes longer periods of focus and concentration than reading a newspaper or a blog. When you read a book and engage in it, you are forgetting the outside world and immerse yourself in the book, in the story of that book. Over time, this makes your attention span, focus, and concentration to improve consistently. Your imagination is only limited by you, the words in the book, other people’s view an opinions. By reading a written description of an event or place, your mind is responsible to create that image associated with the story. Unlike the TV that puts the image in front of you, with a book you can imagine anything you want. This will improve your imagination.

You can learn anything from books, you can make your research faster and cheaper than taking a course, and you can do it from the comfort of your home and when your time permits it.

The heavy readers tend to know more about how things work, about people, about places. Knowledge make you interesting for people around you. You can open and hold a conversation without being afraid about your conversation skills. You will be able to engage a large variety of people in conversation and also improve your knowledge and conversation skills.

With the endless amount of information, life stories and places we can read about, we have the opportunity to experience the life of another person, to visit places that we had not have the opportunity to visit, to learn from other people’s mistakes without us making one. Books can help create ourselves, help enlarge our knowledge, learn new life skills and in the same time have fun.