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Cosmos by Carl Sagan

carl saganCarl Sagan is an astronomer and won the Pulitzer Prize and very popular in the science community. He loves to share his thoughts and ideas with others.
His biggest hope is to educate the world and he believed that combining television and books they could become one of the most powerful learning tools. He wanted to share his ideas through books and television series. He thought that this would give anyone who wanted the opportunity to learn to be able to learn.
He shared that he thought that television was one of the greatest learning tools ever invented. Using these tools he wanted the chance to educate the world. He was inspired by the popular TV series, Cosmo, to write a book also named after the series.
The book spent 50 plus weeks on the many best sellers list and is known as one of the best-selling science book of all time. The book was also given the Hugo Award for Best Non-fiction book in 1981.
This book and his ideas sparked his career and even came out with a sequel after the first book was published and became so popular.

cosmos “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan is a book that discusses a wide range of subjects and ideas. During the duration of the 13 chapters that are beautifully exemplified as he covers the TV series that aired on national television. The TV series was also comprised of 13 episodes that correspondences with the 13 chapters of the book. The subjects of the book discuss cosmic elevation, along with science and cultural development over the last 15 billion years. Mr. Sagan looks closely at the knowledge origins and what the future of science will look like for us plus adds information on the scientific method with an influence of science and philosophy. He also discusses science with details on the essential premises with specifics on many of the different noticeable scientist within our historical accountability. He notes each of their contributions to the context of each different subject and displays how each of them played a special rule in the development of what we call science in the modern world.

With the book discussing a variety of subjects and modern views it also sheds light on Mr. Sagans thoughts and ideas on anthropological, cosmological, biological, historical, and astronomical matters from the beginning of time through what we call modern day. Along with his ideas he shares light into in the universe and what life could be out there. Discussing the idea that there is presence of alien life is in the universe, but the understanding that he think that they have visited us on earth.
Sagan uses light and conversational tones to discuss difficult scientific subjects. The book is in terms that makes for the everyday reader able to understand and able to follow the theories and ideas. It is a presentation of some of the most refined ideas that Mr. Sagan has written about in previous publications, but coveys the information in a more thought out and well written for an audience of all walks of life.

A critic once described the book as a religious book that helps describes the universe and science. He uses the book to talk about religion and uses that to help describe difficult and large scientific concepts. This book is just not about space and the mystery of the unknown, but brings in a philosophical influence that no one has brought together before. Bringing together 13 chapters of great information that is wonderful written in a way that everyone can relate was a success all in its own, but to be able to share great concepts and ideas in the way that he achieved was award winning. This was a success all around.

This book was largely popular and quickly became one of the best-selling science books. The book sold over 1.5 million copies and was the first science book to achieve that many copies being sold. The well written book along with the backing from the TV series made it one of the best-selling books of the century. There was only one other book that has sold more copies and that was Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. The book was able to sell over 900,000 copies while being listed on the Publishers Weekly best-seller’s list and on the New York Times Best Seller list for more than 50 plus weeks.

Along with being popular in the United States the book also hit it big internationally. The book sold over 5 million copies. The success of this book proved to be a huge start to Mr. Carl Sagan’s career and lead another novel. For the next novel he received one of the largest releases ever given to an unwritten novel. Sagan became so famous for his writing of the Cosmo that he became just as wealthy as he was successful. His releases of the book lead way into a whole new genre. This gave way into the an increasing amount of book written for science and how they were viewed and composed. Authors around the world valued his writing skills and ideas along with how he demonstrated the ‘easy read’ of advanced theories and scientific methods.

Many valued how his use of words flew effortlessly on the page and how the book read like he was speaking to you himself. Before you know it you will be completed with the next chapter and look forward to reading on. Be careful time can pass very easily when getting involved with this brilliant book. The book brought to life the television series, as most book think it would be the other way around. The way that he wrote the words and how he brought fascinating ideas and concepts to mind. Even though over time we have discovered more and developed since the journey he describes is wider than any story of this time. It captures the idea of astronomy and leads into the world of evolutionary biology as well as geology and gives a lot of the history behind the science. If you have not read this book, it is a must own.
This book is one of my recomandation for easy to read books you can check out here.

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